Actor Globe Rodrigo Andrade Shoots UFO In Rio flight To Campinas

An experiment supposedly from another world, played by actor and singer Rodrigo Andrade, is being investigated by experts in ufology, which is the study of evidence or visual records of UFOs (unidentified flying objects). According to UFO Magazine, the artist posted in the last 31 a video on his Facebook profile, made from inside of airplane on which he made a particular flight between Santos Dumont Airport, in Rio de Janeiro and Viracopos, in Campinas (SP ), and he said the image shows that the aircraft was being followed for 25 minutes by a foreign object that did not appear on radar or was captured by the control tower.

In the video, Rodrigo shows a bright object in the sky that keeps changing shape and, soon after, shooting the aircraft radar, in which no other aircraft is registered. The filming was done on October 12, 2013, but, according to the magazine, the actor did not disclose the case at the time for fear that the repercussions would undermine his work – he was in the air in the soap opera Love of Life, the Globe.

“Hi, gang, thought a lot whether to publish this video or not. Anyway, I decided to publish … We were flying at three, I the pilot and co-pilot when an unidentified object appeared and followed our aircraft for about 25 minutes, “Rodrigo wrote on Facebook.

In the video, the pilot, identified only as Tadeu says: “There seems to be a star seems to be something we are not identifying I spoke with Rio control and he told me that there is no traffic in this region We note that there is… a change in light intensity “. The full co-pilot: “It’s the first time I see an unidentified traffic”. And Rodrigo then jokes, “Mistéééério”.

Rodrigo agreed to give the video to the magazine’s experts analyze. Besides Love to Life, the actor has worked in global novels Gabriela and Foolish Heart. It is cast in the Êta Good World, which opens in the range of 18h the station on 18th.

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