Mass Ufo Sighting Over Los Angeles

This amazing Formation of a Fleet of 12 UFO’s was witnessed on September 26th Saturday for an L.A. UFO Channel Event in Hollydale Park, Southgate California.

According to the youtuber: “We Gathered as we have been doing for two years and attempted a Meditation to Contact UFO’s telepathically so we may witness them and present them to the public that joins us for free at our events to witness them firsthand as well as the world through online. well this day when we meditated someone asked for a formation and let and behold right after we witnessed this beauty you see in the video here, a magnificent sightings of 12 gorgeous beautiful ravesing Paranormal Orbs flew out of a chemtrail and left flew in beautiful patterns and formation. I filmed it with my Canon T3i at 600 times zoom with my scope and bar on it to get as closest i could along with over 30 eye-witnesses who saw it as well and testified on their own accounts of the experience.”


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