UFO Over Surrey B.C. Canada

Date of sighting: November 29, 2015
Location of sighting: Surrey B.C. Canada


This is a beautiful colorful UFO that is something to see. Nonetheless this UFO was recently captured over the skies of Surrey B.C. Canada and uploaded on youtube by NessaGhouliful.

Eyewitness Said: “Spotted this from my bedroom window this evening – November 29, 2015. Approx time 11:30PM. At first I thought it was a helicopter, but it wasn’t moving in any particular direction. With my camera in hand I went out back, and this is what I captured.

The more I zoomed in, the harder it was to stay still and keep the “UFO” centered. It wasn’t moving around – that’s my lack of tri-pod 😛 LOL Though near the end I did notice that it started moving away from me. As I write this, it’s no where in sight. I zoomed in and out just to show how far it was from me.”

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