UFO Seen Flying Against Wind By Wales Police Helicopter September 16, 2016

Date of UFO sighting: September 16, 2016
Location: Bristol, Wales, UK
SourceNPAS St Athan

This UFO was captured with an infrared camera as this object could not been seen with the naked eye.

Eye Witness States: “Any Suggestions?? Nothing Seen by local ATC… 👽??

Our clock is out by 1hr so it was pitch black. Tried on day camera, nothing seen. This clip is just a small part of the vid.

It was on Saturday night about 21:30 and was spotted over the Bristol channel at approx 1000ft Really difficult to judge the size bt we filmed it for just over 7 minutes as we were coming back into land. Only slight problem is the amount of heat and it was travelling into wind? We really don’t know but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind…”


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