Mysterious Blue Lights Over Bogota Colombia Debunked! Just An Ad Campaign For The Upcoming TV Show The X-Files Premiere!

Mysterious Blue Lights Over Bogota Colombia 2

Date of UFO sighting: January 21, 2016
Location: Bogota, Colombia

Users of social networks recorded an unusual incident on Thursday when a series of strange blue lights were captured over the skies of the Colombian capital. Bluradio spoke to the Colombian Air Force, who said on their radar “no movements or foreign objects were recorded”. According to the FAC, it’s all about an advertising campaign for the launch of the series The X Files. The X -Files is a successful TV series of the 1990s, returns to television with 6 new chapters begin airing this Sunday. So if your an X Files fan get ready for this evenings event and don’t miss a minute of it! it’s going to be sweet!

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